Who the Hell is Derek Dykes ?



I am bigger than a bread basket, and slightly more detailed than a medieval woodcutting. I lean toward the theatrical – and I am perfectly happy as I am.
I am completely devoted to my children.


For anyone who knows me, they already know it all. For those who don’t – I am easy to get to know. I am a single dad with 2 kids. I have quite varied interest – but I am not common. I don’t fit in, and I like who I am despite that (or partly because of that). I wear archaic clothing all too well, and lean towards the theatrical. I am generally happy , but like the rest of us, I am human. I try hard to be kind, but I do not always succeed. I enjoy good Scotch, but I enjoy good company even more. I am an author, photographer, illustrator, and all-around artist. I believe that life is much more interesting than most people believe – I explore the spiritual as well as the physical. I don’t like anything that embraces anger or violence as a way to exist – we make our own reality.

what do i do?


For the DARK ZONE TRILOGY, see the product specific page for details.
I also have other works that will be released soon!


From Senior Portraits to Cemetery calendars, if you want something framed and shot with a unique eye, I’m ready to step up and help. Just contact me with what you need!


Like what you see here? You too can have a modern website for a reasonable price! Contact me with your needs.


an honor and a duty to help others

It is my personal belief that helping others builds a stronger community, a sense of purpose, and a better world. Email me if there is anything I can help you with.


No matter what service you require, it’s my duty to help you, and do to so in a way that fits within your means.


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