arts – photography, sketches and more

Here you can find a sample of my art and photography. Feel free to contact me if there is anything I can assist you with.

the enlightenment tarot

In 2006, I published a full 78-card Tarot Deck. Click on the link beside the slideshow to open a Gallery displaying each card.

  • tarotmaj00
  • tarotmaj01
  • tarotmaj05
  • tarotmaj07
  • tarotmaj09
  • tarotmaj10
  • tarotmaj13
  • tarotmaj14
  • tarotmaj15
  • tarotmaj16
  • tarotmaj17
  • tarotmaj18
  • tarotmaj19
  • tarotmaj21
  • tarotminair11
  • tarotminair12
  • tarotminair13
  • tarotminair14
  • tarotminflame01
  • tarotminflame06
  • tarotminflame09
  • tarotminflame11
  • tarotminflame12
  • tarotminflame13
  • tarotminflame14
  • tarotminstone01
  • tarotminstone03
  • tarotminstone06
  • tarotminstone13
  • tarotminstone14
  • tarotminwater01
  • tarotminwater03
  • tarotminwater05
  • tarotminwater06
  • tarotminwater12
  • tarotminwater13
  • tarotminwater14

deepest slumber

Selections from a calendar of Cemetery Photography that I released for 2008. Come spend a year walking through fields of the dearly departed.

  • cem9
  • cem8
  • cem7
  • cem6
  • cem5
  • cem1
  • cem2
  • cem3
  • cem4

sketches, ETC

From drawings in High School, to Photography work and special projects, and even doodles, here is a small sampling of my work.

  • picard_sketch_1990
  • electric flowers
  • doodles
  • snoopy who
  • lighthouse
  • clouds
  • orey2


Just a small sampling of my work.

  • mobile
  • DSC_4810
  • owler
  • electric flowers
  • flower
  • owl
  • cem2
  • cem8
  • wedding
  • greenaire

beneath the eye of god

In 2007, while in Boston with an old friend, we stopped at the King’s Chapel, just outside of the Boston Common. Inside, under the main chandelier, I grabbed this shot. Eventually, it led to a series.


fandom art

money art

light reading

Web Design

From Doctor Who, Star Trek, and beyond, here is a sampling of some of my Fandom Art.

  • Admiral and R2
  • who poster small
  • FIREFLY, Nathan Fillion, Morena Baccarin, 2002-03, TM and Copyright © 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved, Courtesy: Everett Collection
  • poster50th
  • eac
  • terra1

  • EARHART_10
  • KING_50
  • KING_50_BACK
  • TESLA_100_BACK
  • TESLA_100

the MONEY ART project is designed to give some of the unrecognized heroes from American History the recognition they deserve. While not spendable, this series will give you pause.

These kids are about to discover a gateway to endless adventure thanks to reading.
Produced for Dragon*ConTV, in 2010.

  • CPHF
  • GACM

I’ve built not only this site, but also the website for the Center for Preservation of Historical Fact, and Gulf Atlantic Construction and Marine. Let me know if I can help YOU!