• MADNESS: Book One (The Dark Zone Trilogy
In 2054, America has changed by necessity; safe areas have been established to combat ‘internal terrorism’. Their creation had the side effect of literally burying older places in ‘dark zones’ – forgotten places of crime and murder hidden under the raised platforms of the new cities. For Ellyandra Dyett, the zones are just part of her job with the FBI; but all that changes when the discovery of a desiccated corpse murdered over 40 years before leads Ellyandra Dyett and her team of criminologists through a web of torture, deceit and multiple murders. When new murders are tied to the old, Ellie finds herself targeted by a madman, and begins to find that she, too, is slipping into madness.

MADNESS is the first full-length novel by Derek E Dykes. Filled with Alabama landmarks and a dash of southern history, MADNESS unfolds through the eyes of Ellyandra Dyett, an FBI Criminologist who stumbles upon a horrific secret. Set in 2054 in a reorganized society, we see a world that, while frightfully different in many ways, seems all too plausible for an alternate near-future.

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MADNESS: Book One (The Dark Zone Trilogy

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