• MAYHEM: Book Two (The Dark Zone Trilogy)

In 2055, America has changed by necessity; safe areas have been established to combat ‘internal terrorism’. Their creation had the side effect of literally burying older places in ‘dark zones’ – forgotten places of crime and murder hidden under the raised platforms of the new cities. For Ellyandra Dyett, the dark zones underneath the new cities are just part of her job. All the new cities have them: Boston, DC, St. Louis, Mobile — and Miami; none are as dangerous as Miami. But more than just drugs and murder goes on in the darkness beneath New Miami, and Ellie and her team are about to find themselves pulled into danger on an inhumane level. Only this time, the lives of two innocents are on the line, and each twist and turn only makes protecting them more impossible.

MAYHEM continues the story of Ellyandra Dyett and her team, as they work to uncover the sinister happenings in Miami. Lives will be not only changed, but lost in part Two of the Dark Zone Trilogy. Derek Dykes offers a follow up to MADNESS, inviting readers to enjoy an alternate history of the future, and all the warning foresight has to offer.

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MAYHEM: Book Two (The Dark Zone Trilogy)

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