A Message for those in Power – for those who raised us

when we were little, you taught us about the world. You taught us the ‘Golden Rule’, you taught us that all people were created equal, you taught us to love one another. to be kind and compassionate.

With young eyes, we watched the world stage, and learned about walls that split not only cities, but entire countries – and we were taught that these things were BAD. As we aged, we learned our history (not just NATIONAL history – HUMAN history) and we learned that as we acted in hate and fear, the worst – not the best – of humanity showed itself.

We saw pictures of the dead; in Germany, Poland, Viet Nam, The Balkans…. we’ve watched the world around us, run by puppeteers playing the population, act in ways that they taught us were un-American.

We saw what AMERICAN men and women fought and died to protect – to fight against. We learned the lessons that are being ignored now.

And NOW, they turn around, and label what we are doing as ‘Nationalistic’. We call these actions in ‘America’s’ best interest.
If you look back, look at the world we younger ones were raised in, look at the lessons *you* taught us, both in Church, and Civics, and you dare wonder why we rage against what you are doing now?

You either lied to us, which is unforgivable, or you are hypocrites – which at this level is also unforgivable.

I’ll forgive you anyway. But – *please* – remember the times when you TAUGHT and PREACHED better to us.

We are not liberals or conservatives. We are your children; and in one way or another, *YOU* made us this way; back when you still believed the world could be a better place. We took your lessons to heart. It is YOU who have lost faith – not us. Not the ones who still believe we can actually BE a better America, that deserves the admiration of the world.

How DARE you try to take that dream, that possibility, away from us.

You should be ASHAMED.