Only Light Can Do That

sometimes, looking back through history puts me in an odd frame of mind. Violence begets violence, but love only does so much to keep the peace. While I do not contradict Dr. King when he said that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”, one has to look forward and wonder how much good that has done. Love didn’t drive out the darkness; it only made it hide for a while. It never left – hatred goes hand in hand with cowardice, so haters have no qualms with smiling, shaking hands, and pretending, while their hate festers, and quietly spreads to others.
One thing is for certain. This idiotic fight is something that humanity has struggled with for the whole of our known history. The targets for our hate (black, white, red, yellow, secular, religious, not religious, or just plain ‘different’) have always been made scapegoats for whatever problems we have as a people. And while LOVE does a world of good, only education, free speech, tolerance, and active understanding will drive out the ghosts who hide in the shadows we leave behind.

Yes, always love; but MORE is needed. Reach out; educate. Live the tolerance and understanding you want to see in the world. Otherwise, you are just going through the motions. And that’s not really love, is it?

About Derek

Derek Dykes was born on his Grandmothers' birthday in January 1973. The son of a local businessman and an artist, Derek and his brother Charles both grew up in an environment where creativity was encouraged. While earning healthy grades and participating in activities was important to Derek, they always took second place to what really mattered to him - his friends and family. Derek found himself thrust into adulthood when his father died. Taking care of his responsibilities meant that his college education was put on hold. While he was unable to afford classes, he privately continued his studies in art, literature, archeology, Celtic history, and a cornucopia of other subjects that interested him. Derek moved home to Mobile, Alabama in early 2008 after living away for almost a decade. His journey home was a catalyst for the foundation of his first novel, MADNESS. In addition to writing, Derek enjoys photography, parenting and using any medium available to bring the creations of his mind to life. More of Derek's work can be found by visiting
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